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Additionally, this information evolves over the course of your study plan so that you will know where you stand at any given time. Main sections within the progress tracking at the bottom of the screen. The Quiz Builder is an area I spent most of my time. In my case, I spent a lot of time in the quant and accounting practice questions. The practice exams utilize the predictive analytics and create an exam customized to you.

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The timed exams are great practice and are structured based on the actual weightings of the topic areas on the CFA exam. At the very bottom of the screen, you have three options: History, Section Reports, and Discuss Questions.

This comes in handy so that you can focus on questions that you previously answered incorrectly. The Section Reports give you a running tally of how your progress is tracking based on each topic area.

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The final section represents the discussion area. You can post questions that will be answered by a dedicated coach or communicate with other test takers in the forum. Detailed study notes and extended videos are available in the Learn option. The one downside with the study notes is that they are online based, but you have the option to print them out in pdf format. The topic videos were very extensive and detailed.

The formula sheet is also an amazing resource. The main website is mobile optimized so its very easy to read on your phone, but a dedicated app would be a welcome addition. Easy to read and colorful icons highlight important sections. GoStudy mobile app is designed to measure what you know as you learn.

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Try our free guide to see how it works! Thank you for all your help.

The whole exam went much better than last year. Hope you take some time off yourself, you probably worked harder on this exam than I did! Not sure how the exam went afternoon was hard Like most of us, I am a working professional pursuing career advancements through Certifications. As I am having a full-time job and a family with 3 kids, I need to pursue professional certifications in the most effective way i.

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I share my exam tips here in the hope of helping fellow Certification aspirants! If you have any queries, I am more than happy to help.

I promise to attend to them asap. PMP Exam Tips. Support website running for FREE, thanks! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Eric R.