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County Market Fried Chicken. Dad's Special Marinated Chicken Breast. Danish Coffee Cake.

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Gourmet Cookies. Mom's Meatloaf. Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. Slow Roasters Rotisserie Chicken. Slow Roasters Slicing Meats. Spoon River Cole Slaw. Spoon River Potato Salad.

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Louis Style Ribs. Sweet Shoppe Pies. Texas Sheet Cake. Recipe Categories. Blank Shopping List. Live Well Brochures. Looking for a fresh and colorful recipe with Spring produce….. This is a super easy Spring inspired salad recipe that will be a nice compliment to any meal. The fee will be visible on your receipt after delivery. I was a little concerned about produce, but my ALDI grocery delivery person did a great job picking out good strawberries and grapes, got a good expiration date on the milk, and everything went super smoothly.

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Without the code? Let me know how it works out for you, if you decide to give the service a try. Thanks for the review and code! I have been paying for peapod on and off for a couple years now because both work hours and some physical issues have made grocery shopping tough for me. I am going to try Instacart and see if getting delivery from Aldi would be a good way to spend less but still get the convenience. Did you find the site easy to use? I checked to see if Instacart was available for my local Aldi, but it was only available for Price Chopper.

Aldi all the way. I have 4 kids age 7 and under so yes, shopping can be a challenge. I know! Thrilled to see Instacart now offers Aldi delivery. Also mentioned my preferred brand of mandarins if there was a choice. Both were perfect selections from my shopper. Will use this service again. Thanks for the info Rachel!

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I tried it last night and got my delivery within the hour. The fee for each delivery will be displayed when selecting a delivery window during checkout, before you place your order. I just tried it today. In truth, convenience costs.

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I may try to order every days instead of every 7. That should offset some of the added cost. No, unfortunately not. They sometimes release codes when they go into new markets and are planning a huge expansion before Thanksgiving, though, so keep an eye out. Is there a current code? Loved the review…I am new to both Instacart and Aldi.

I had been using Shoprite from Home. I got an email after the fact regarding the tip. Also the markups were so strange. For example, the 2. It was odd. I loved how easy it was to compare prices between stores. It was ridiculously easy to order from both. I accepted the first 2 unavailable items one item cancelled and 1 replacement accepted. So I paid as I assumed the inventory issues were resolved.

Well now the cheese cake was replaced with a cream cake and the replacement item I accepted is not available. Too much Inventory is out of stock and not always informed of it until after payment made, replacements not good. Hold money up to 7 days for cancelled order due to Store being out of stock after paying.

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All the inventory issues should be addressed before payment! I have made many. I used Amazon Fresh in the Bay Area and it was quite excellent.

At checkout, they can tell u which items are out of stock depending on which delivery date u pick. So they gave u the option right then and there to either pick a different item or different delivery date. I loved that!

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The substitute thing is annoying. Now looks like Amazon had phased out Fresh? And, in my area Phoenix metro they now have 2 tiers of grocery delivery. Amazon grocery delivery 2. U need Prime for either but u can get them delivered in a hour — few hours.