Costco bounty paper towels coupon

Took 9 hours to get it all done. And of course, I had to pay first…so I was stuck. Took a nap, watched their tv, etc.

Best: Kirkland bacon

Others were doing the same. Tires came in from a Tire Kingdom truck…. After installation, I then had to wait for a turn on the alignment machine. Things are relative.

We try and not be penny wise and pound foolish. After all, the general inventory at COSTCO, pertaining to appliances and home furniture, appears to be not only of better quality, but rather stylish. Costco is the third largest retailer. Walmart is 1. I shop at both stores. Most people shop at Costco because of the food court.

I suggest just one change. Your summary of mg ibuprofen is that Costco is cheaper by one cent. Actually, by your calculation, they are half the price of BJs — 2 cents per tablet vs. I was thinking of it in the same manner. Big difference overall when buying in large quantity. All that said how much can some really save in 20 years timeframe? May be couple of thousands; so why to take hell lot of headache and run around for deals for peanuts? Just use the nearest one. I use both Sams Club and Costco.

Used BJs before; liked all 3. I never compare the price though.

Costco Part 3: Paper Product Prices

Just enjoy buying things I need. Thanks for this comparison. This is BJs store brand compared to Costco store brand. I tried to go to Costco. I wanted to see if it was better than bjs. At bjs , they let u do a one time to go in. That turned me off. So I am a die hard bjs fan now so Costco can go scratch in my book. Thank u bjs for making my decision for me. Thanks for the comparison. Many people are correct with their analysis stating proximity to their home us a major factor in where they shop.

As a side note, your math is incorrect concerning Berkley Jensen Dishwashing Liquid comes in a oz. It is actually 0. Once again thanks for posting. I shop at both but love costco more. Their brand Kirkland is top quality. Like the animal crackers for example my kids love them because they are organic.

Hard to compare organic to regular price wise. You also have a larger selection and a big online selection. Most stores are mainly self check out wjust a few humans at the register. I take my kids to Costco it is an experience. Free samples, toys books and clothes they like.

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The third week I told. So my point is each store has something going for it. Maybe with their IPO money they will get better. The quality of Kirkland brand surpasses Berkeley jensen by a mile. Case closed! I would drive 20 miles to get to a Costco even if there was a BJs around the corner from me. Thanks Mike for the feedback. Costco is new to our area as there are only one and three BJs all in the same proximity.

BJs brand items to get a quality post over price! Thanks for stopping by. I buy a lot of my clothes and electronics there. They have a consierge service for your electronics. I found it very boring. Going into Costco has a party atmosphere. I buy gas there, bought tires there. Thanks for the review. Thanks Sharon, you must be in an area where Costco is more popular? By us, we only have one Costco in our area and three BJs. I plan on doing a video to show how our Bjs in this area definitely has a more party atmosphere over BJs. This is a comparison of store brand products.

Someone should do a comparison of this as well. Costco seems to be better on the grand scale and has better quality and customer service.

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Paper Towels Mark. The Costco Connection;. For millions of Costco customers, this is an eagerly awaited at the same time of year. Right about now is when their big annual rebate checks arrive from American Express. Amex has a couple of new Costco branded credit cards. The ones currently available to new customers earn 2 percent back on all travel purchases, 3 percent on all restaurant charges. Please let me know if you have music i can use. Amazon Brand - Presto! Bounty Ceremonious Site Bounty paper towels and napkins scour up the smallest spills and the biggest messes.

I stopped using the Kirkland t.

But yesterday, they had no choice in t. In the past, there have been brands to choose from. But the worst disappointment: they have replaced the Lipton's tea bags with an organic black tea. I'm not feeling happy. It's definitely hit or miss sometimes. Every time I go I end up returning something from the previous visit. We have belonged to Sam's Club for a long time and currently have a membership through hubby's work, so free for us. But we heard so many great things about Costco we decided to try it for a year. We were NOT impressed at all. Most of what we would have wanted was higher priced than at Sam's and many things they didn't even have.

Just one example.

Costco! Bathroom Toilet Paper Rolls! Which one to Buy? $15-23!!!

The only thing we got there that we felt was a deal was our Christmas tree. After a year we dropped them and went back to Sam's.

We Compared BJs and Costco To See Who Has Better Store Brand Prices

In the meantime we have found BJ's Wholesale Club and really like them. Not sure if they go that far west. I was grateful to see the Kirkland select a size since my wife was only letting me buy bounty select a size. Buckeye Burgher. Now that my kids are grown, one having moved out, and the other with one foot out the door, the wife and I have found that buying at warehouse clubs just no longer makes sense for the two of us.

No store has everything you want in the quantities you want. I love costco, it saves me a lot they have a lot of great products. That said some things are too big for me and will spoil before I use them being a single guy. Some of my favs are discontinued. I find their fruit overpriced compared to other stores.